The Dentist's Prayer

Thank you O Lord,

For the privilege of being a dentist.

For letting me serve as Your instrument

In ministering to the sick and afflicted.

May I always treat with reverence

The human life which You have brought into being,

And which I serve.

Deepen my love for people

So that I will always give myself gladly and generously

To those stricken with illness and pain.

Help me to listen patiently,

Diagnose carefully,

Prescribe conscientiously,

And treat gently.

Teach me to blend gentleness with skill,

To be a dentist with a heart as well as a mind.


Joseph G. Kalil, DDS                    

As the owner of a general dental practice I take pride in delivering most of the care my patients need.  I have spent many hours at continuing education classes to gain the knowledge and the skills to provide a number of different dental services.   From simple fillings, root canals, extractions, crowns, cosmetic veneers and tooth whitening.  Implant placements, Invisalign and dentures are done in our office as well.   I have also developed a network of talented specialists to call on, should I feel a patient would best benefit from that route. I want to insure the best results are achieved for my patients  

I also try to keep updated on the latest technological advances that are occurring.   We use digital radiographs in our office which greatly reduces the radiation exposure to patients when compared to traditional film x-rays.  I also have access to a 3D CAT Scan imager if a more detailed image of a concern be called for. 

Dr. Kaus  

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